Moyamoya Disease is a rare disease of children and adults characterized by multiple steno-occlusive changes around the circle of Willis, leading to a significantly increased stroke risk. Although the first patients were identified among the Asian population recent epidemiological studies have shown that Moyamoya Disease also contributes markedly to rare causes of stroke among European patients. In part, this is due to an increased awareness among physicians dealing with these patients.

The aim of this meeting is to further foster international training and education in this rare disease, and to improve our understanding of the underlying disease as well as current and future therapeutic options. The theme of this 4th International Moyamoya Meeting is to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach, bringing together neurosurgeons, neurologists, paediatricians, neurointensivists, and stroke epidemiologists. Furthermore, we aim at unravelling the complex vascular biology underlying the disease. Therefore, we will highlight the basic science biology of neurovascular development and angiogenises, vascular plasticity and remodelling, neurovascular signalling, as well as neurovascular genetics.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vajkoczy
Congress President

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